Skill Enhancement Workshops 2020

Skill Enhancement Workshops are one-day courses specially designed to provide support for skill improvement in specific regions of the body in small group settings.

Published: 10th March, 2020

The unique course structure is designed to take each participant to their next level in the material. Thus, you can take workshops at any point along your LJLI course pathway. Workshops are open to all Graduates of the 3-part ConnectTherapy Series or ISM Series. Current participants in the ConnectTherapy Series are welcome to attend any workshop once the region has been covered in their Series curriculum. 

Hip-Lumbar Spine Drivers & Their Connections

Skill Enhancement Workshops - ConnectTherapyâ„¢ & the Thoracic Ring Approachâ„¢

Neck Drivers & Their Connections

 Skill Enhancement Workshops - ConnectTherapyâ„¢ & the Thoracic Ring Approachâ„¢