About Brightside Physio

The Brightside Physio ethos is to inform and empower clients (and indeed other healthcare professionals) in their own self-management and movement potential.

I have a thirst for learning. I love people, family, movement, song and the sea. I go to work in the morning because I feel privileged to connect with people, hear their stories and be in a position to truly make a difference to their lives.

I’ve had my fair share of successes and failures. Within my own body, hobbies, in all of my relationships (of course) and within my working life. It sounds cliché to call life a ‘journey’ but when regarded as such, success and failure can start to be appreciated as two sides of the same coin. Whichever way the coin lands there’s a learning opportunity to be had.

Why is this relevant in my potted biography? The more I watch and work on myself, reflect on and learn from adversity and suffering, the better I can be at accepting and dealing with what life throws up next. This conscious effort has honed my ability to really be ‘in the room’ for my patients. By this I mean I’ve learnt to listen, really listen. I’ve found that when people feel truly heard we better uncover their reasons for seeking help. Connecting at a deeper level builds greater trust and ultimately better solutions to problems, and therefore results!

Twenty years’ Physio work experience has seen me in the NHS wards, in outpatient clinics and GP surgeries. I’ve worked both in the UK and New Zealand - where I learnt advanced skills in manual therapy and strength and conditioning programming. Frustrations with ‘conveyer belt’ systems and ‘recipe-like’ Physio practice, led me to seek mentorship where I could learn to understand and treat each unique patient individually.

Today I’m one of only four Certified ConnectTherapy™ clinicians in the UK and of a far wider network globally. In 2017 I was invited by the creator of this ground-breaking approach, Dr Linda-Joy Lee, to lead a team of skilled assistants in delivering ConnectTherapy™ courses in Australia. Under this internationally regarded Physio, researcher, innovator and lecturer I have also been teaching Skill Enhancement Workshops to Physios wishing to hone specific hands-on and reasoning skills to impact whole persons’ performance.

My pastimes are widely varied as I relish giving new things a go. Highlights include playing rugby for South England and winning bronze in the World Surf Boat championships in France. I also enjoy playing netball, volleyball, tennis, golf and have done the odd triathlon. I rode horses through childhood, and I love to surf, swim, row, snowboard, ski, scuba and freedive. I have a good understanding of what these activities require from body and mind.

I’m fairly self-driven and was one of the four-woman crew to row a surfboat back to mainland from the Isles of Scilly four years ago. Most recently, I completed my 300-hour Yoga Teaching qualification. I’ve had an inconsistent yoga self-practice for over ten years and have come to understand how yoga can integrate nicely into rehabilitation. It encompasses body, mind and breath awareness with strength and whole-body conditioning through wide movement variety.

A healthy, effective system has options and the freedom to adapt to demands imposed on it. When our human system starts to lose options and variety of movement, due to our history, beliefs and resultant habits, we can start to suffer. I see my role as a hands-on detective, skilled facilitator and motivator. With the right practice we get better, when we get better, we feel better, when we feel better, we become empowered to live life confidently and to the full.

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Paula Bright