Mission Statement

Brightside Physio’s mission is to deliver successful patient outcomes via the highest quality, evidence-informed, creative and compassionate physiotherapy and rehabilitation solutions.

By offering and hosting sound health and lifestyle education and coaching, we hope to help shift the reactionary mindset towards poor health, to one of prevention of disease and injury. We’re committed to nurturing a culture embracing the pillars of lifestyle medicine, to inspire self-empowerment for the pursuit of healthy, happy longevity through a physiotherapy lens.


Our purpose encompasses the creation of services offering equity of care for the community we serve and recognises the need for more options to access patient centred services. We endeavour to make business choices that benefit the health of individuals and wider society. By measuring our impact on our patients' self assessed health and quality of life via validated health and disability questionnaires (EQ5D- 5L, Orebo), we aim to demonstrate an impactful healthcare business, where profit, people and planet do not have to be mutually exclusive priorities.


Optimal health, movement and well-being are interdependent upon a healthy ecological and social environment. Our ethics and business choices support and promote good living conditions and a healthy environment. Our own environmental commitments are evidenced in the measurement and reduction of our own C02 emissions via a carbon footprint tool.


The most effective way to support people to live healthy lives is to provide the opportunity for everyone to do so more easily. We will strive to serve the community along with other allied services, businesses and professionals, who enable access to healthy food, green spaces, safe places to be active and meet with others, sustain family life and promote exercise. 

“The evidence is overwhelming. Climate change endangers human health. Solutions exist and we need to act decisively to change this trajectory”.
Dr Margaret Chan, World Health Organisation (WHO) Director General.

“There is synergy between improving the sustainability of healthcare and improving patient care. Many of the actions needed to reduce the environmental impact of healthcare reinforce action to improve accessibility of physiotherapy. Moving care into the community closer to patients, remote consultations where appropriate and promoting exercise.”
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP)- The CSP’s governing council has declared a climate and natural emergency and recognises the negative health impacts of global warming, pollution and the loss of nature.