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We offer Physiotherapy for people of all ages and abilities. We specialise in working with clients who may feel frustrated, or who have lost hope that they can feel good in their bodies again

If you want to live your life to the full but your symptoms and movement restrictions don't let you, Brightside Physio can help. We will get you back doing what you love and more. The bonus? You'll learn loads about your body and have fun along the way.

We are one of a few UK practices trained to a high level in a 'whole person' approach called ConnectTherapyâ„¢. At Brightside Physio we understand how different regions and systems of the body are connected, how the body and mind are connected, how therapists and patients are connected, how we as humans are physically, emotionally and socially connected (even when we have to be physically distanced)!

We successfully treat:

Sports injuries from grass roots to professional level athletes. We understand the physical demands placed on you by your sport and therefore what's required to get you back to your best, improving performance and preventing future injury.

New/ acute injuries caused through trauma and misadventure. We can diagnose what's happened and liaise with your doctor/ consultant as required. Accidents happen, but sometimes we can be prone to a certain injury because of how we've compensated with our movement and strength over time. We'll make sure we address this in your rehab programme.

Longstanding or reoccurring pain, niggles and stiffness can serve to make you feel older than you are. It's hard to get fit and strong when it seems like your body won't let you. It doesn't have to be like that. Old injuries and compensating habits can contribute to this vicious cycle. We'll unpick that for you and enable you to fully embrace your life and feel your age again (if not younger).

Other symptoms of poor sleep quality, breathing inefficiency, stress incontinence, poor concentration, feeling 'disconnected' in your body and even low mood. With our 'whole person' assessment and treatment, the improvement and resolution of other, seemingly unrelated symptoms is often an added bonus. When the root cause of your original pain and movement symptoms if addressed, other systems benefit too.

What to expect
After a discussion to find out just what's going on for you, we do a hands-on assessment within movements that have real meaning for you. This means it's important that you wear appropriate clothing; shorts/ leggings, and vest or sports bra.

We'll explain the process as we go and will discuss what we have found and its relevance. If you need any further explanation or clarity at any time, we're happy to answer all of your questions and help you to make informed decisions about your rehabilitation.

We incorporate traditional physio skills; specific manual therapy and soft tissue techniques, acupuncture, movement analysis, exercise prescription and tailored strength and conditioning programmes. But we also employ subtler skills of handling, cuing and coaching.

With our guidance and support through your recovery and rehabilitation journey, we prioritise ways to keep you training and enjoying life in the process. Often our clients experience permanent relief of pain and achieve things they never thought possible.

Physiotherapy is a respected profession which in essence helps people to move freely, function normally and live comfortably. Like hairdressers or chefs, physiotherapists vary greatly depending on the further training undertaken, experience and dedication to professional and personal development. Therefore, treatment from one physio is likely to look and feel quite different from another. 

We aim to empower you to become the expert of you!