Appointment Guide

What to expect at your appointment

After a discussion to find out just what’s going on for you, we do a hands-on assessment within movements that have real meaning for you. 

What to bring:

Appropriate clothing; shorts/ leggings, and vest or sports bra
Any relevant training shoes.
Face mask.
An open mind! - this isn't physiotherapy that you may have experienced in the past.

What to expect

We'll take the time to get a good understanding of your symptoms, goals, your sense of what's going on and how it's impacting you. Then we perform a physical assessment, not limited to your specific sites of pain, but relative to how your whole body moves and integrates within movement tasks that are meaningful to you.

We’ll explain the process as we go and will discuss what we have found and its relevance. If you need any further explanation or clarity at any time, we’re happy to answer all of your questions and help you to make informed decisions about your rehabilitation.

We incorporate traditional physio skills; specific manual therapy and soft tissue techniques, acupuncture, movement analysis, exercise prescription and tailored strength and conditioning programmes. But we also employ subtler skills of handling, cuing and coaching.

With our guidance and support through your recovery and rehabilitation journey, we prioritise ways to keep you training and enjoying life in the process. Often our clients experience permanent relief of pain and achieve things they never thought possible.

How to prepare

It can be helpful if you have a think before hand about any past injuries or problems that caused you pain and or required treatment. Make a note of any positions or movements that trigger or increase your symptoms and how this impacts on your day to day life.

Have a think about short and long term goals you would like to achieve once you are feeling better and moving freely.

Appointment Cancellations

Please get in touch as soon as you know you would be able to attend an appointment. If cancellations are made with made with more than 24 hours notice, no charge will be made, however, cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged for at the full rate.